Monday, November 9, 2015

Evolve Cheats For Evolve The Game

Evolve it’s a scientific multiplayer that will put a team of hunters to hunt a monster that basically evolves in every match. Each hunter is equipped with special powers and items but neither the monsters are weak. They have destroying abilities,like speed and special kicks . On this webpage you find all Evolve cheats and hacks you need!

We got Evolve trainers, savegames, cheat codes, aimbots, and walkthroughs for the game. If you want to hack your game profile you need the right tools! Our Evolve Ultimate Hack got all you need to success in this great game! We added a new Evolve Aimbot to the hacks and cheats collection! Get unlimited mystery points, weapons upgrades, HP and access to all premium functions in this shooter game!

Evolve Hack Options:
Numpad 1: Monster Helth
Numpad 2: Monster Armor
Numpad 3: Instant Evolve
Numpad 4: Monster Stamina
Numpad 5: Monster Cooldowns
Numpad 6: Save Monster Position
Numpad 7: Teleport Monster
Numpad 8: Unit Health
Numpad 9: Unlimited JetPack Numpad
*: Unlimited Ammo Numpad
/: Teleport to Monster

Numpad 1: Monster Health - toggle on and the monster has unlimited health. Probably best to toggle off if you are the Hunters.

Numpad 2: Monster Armor - toggle on and the monster has unlimited armor. Probably best to toggle off if you are the Hunters.

Numpad 3: Instant Evolve - press this key and the Evolve meter fills instantly, and your monster can evolve.

Numpad 4: Monster Stamina - toggle this on and the monster has unlimited stamina. Probably best to turn this off if you are the Hunters.

Numpad 5: Monster Cooldowns - toggle this on and the monster can use powers like fire again quickly. Probably best to turn this off if you are the Hunters.

Numpad 6: Save Monster Position - press this key to save the monster position. This will not work if your monster has released minions.

Numpad 7: Teleport Monster - press this key to teleport to the saved position.

Numpad 8: Party Health - toggle this on and your Hunter team has unlimited health. Probably best to toggle this off if you are the Monster.

Numpad 9: Unlimited JetPack - toggle this on and the Hunter team can jetpack around unlimited.

Numpad *: Unlimited Ammo - toggle this on and many weapons have unlimited ammo.

Numpad /: Teleport to Monster - press this key to teleport the current Hunter you are using to the monster for quick encounters. This will not work if the monster has released minions.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Evolve Ultimate Hack

We are happy to finaly announce Evolve Ultimate Hack. Many People have asked for a hack or cheat tool for Evolve. So here it is. With Evolve Ultimate Hack you can have unlimited health, infinite ammo and all the guns the game has to offer. We managed to create a proper working hack for Evolve. To make sure that it is virus free we have tested it with all the most popular antivirus Programms the market has to offer. As Evolve runs on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, so does Evolve Ultimate Hack support all of those platforms. We have a working version of Evolve Ultimate Hack for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

 For more information about our hack just keep reading this blog. If you are interested in our Evolve Ultimate Hack, you can download it at the end of this blog or by clicking on the download link on the sidebar.

About Evolve

The creators of Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, bring you Evolve. The next generation of multiplayer shooters. In Evolve four Hunters have to face off against a single, player-controlled Monster in adrenaline pumping 4v1 matches. You can play as the Monster which gives you savage abilities and an animalistic sence to kill your enemies. You can also choose one of the four differents Hunter classes. The classes are Assault, Trapper, Medic and Support. Playing the hunter, you have to team up with your friends to take down the Monster of the planet Shear. On Shear the flora and fauna act as an adversary to both - humans and the monster. You can unlock new Hunters and Monster characters each time you level up. There are also heaps of upgrades, skins and perks. Earn your credits and become the leader in raking. Become the ultimate predator.

Be The Hunter
If you like to play in a team, the Hunter should be your choice. Each different class has unique skills that can devastate the Monster when you properly coordinate.

Be the Monster
Everyone loves a good boss fight. Here’s your chance to play the other side and massacre four Hunters.

Evolve Ultimate Hack Features

Evolve Ultimate Hack is a very simple, easy to use tool. It will give you unlimited health, all guns of the game and infinite ammo. All features added to your account by Evolve Ultimate Hack are permanent. So what’s more. With proxy servers you can redirect your IP address through other countries in order to secure your account and guarantee you safety and anonymity. This is connected with an Anti-ban script. So by using Evolve Ultimate Hack there is no way your account can be banned or suspended.

  • Unlimited health
  • All guns
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Proxy server
  • Anti-ban script

Proof of safety

To show you that Evolve Ultimate Hack is safe, we tested it with all the most popular antiviruses on the market. So you see it is safe and checked.

Download Evolve Ultimate Hack

You want to download Evolve Ultimate Hack now? No Problem. Just click on the download button below. You can download Evolve Ultimate Hack for PC or Consoles. Just download the setup file, run it and follow the instructions.